Grow Your Business With Personalised Email Marketing Campaigns.

Keeping your customers up to date on your business doesn’t mean batching and blasting emails to everyone. Get better engagement and make more money  by sending targeted campaign emails like sale announcements, newsletters, or promotions—all quickly designed by WP Creative Hub

Create strong relationships and make more money with highly targeted email marketing campaigns

Building strong, long lasting customer relationships means consistent, relevant communication with your customers about what’s new and important to them. Campaigns are great for weekly newsletters and those one-time announcements like special promotions. The emails are quick to create, simple to test, and easily versioned to target multiple customer groups. WP Creative Hub make email marketing an easy way to make money for your business at a cost effective marketing tool.

Send impactful, on-brand emails

Why send a bland text based email send a branded html email that matches your brand and includes links to your website, social media or online shop the email also legally deals with your GDPR requirements.

Have a one-on-one conversation with every customer

Your branded email will be personalised to your customer and can be targeted to their needs, when intelligent gathering of their details. 

Improve deliverability

Timing the delivery of your email campaign is an important part of the strategy, depending on the target audience o you have to decide if you send in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Take Control of Your Email Marketing

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