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For starters, embroidery is well known and suitable for many occasions. Most notably, you will have seen company uniforms and local business owners use embroidery to project a strong image to their customers. This process works great for attaching a clear and vibrant logo to your garment of choice.

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Print Transfer

There are two distinct types of transfer printing. The first, is for non-detailed styles of 1-2 colours only. It takes advantage of petite utensils to slice a design in to a fabric transfer film that is referred to as vinyl. Upon finishing the cutting process, the extra bits of material are seeded out til only your chosen artwork and designs remain. The transferred design is then adhered to the fabric using a heat press. 

The second method, is known to be used for more detailed and sophisticated designs. It requires that the entirety of your design be printed directly and cut on the machine before heat is applied. This method is perfect for gradients and complex colour combinations. 

Screen Print

For us, that’s an obvious answer. The perfect screen printed t-shirt is made from a combination of experienced team members, quality equipment, world-class processes, a detailed quality assurance team and a passion for the art of screen printing.

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